Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I need to slow down...

on the basics...

DO the basics WELL...

THEN I may move on.

This is pure torture for me.  PURE.  (I am aware of all the capitals I am using)

This week, I am adding a consistent sleep/wake cycle. 
Today is Tuesday.  I have not done well.

My idea is to have media off at 8pm. (It's 9:01)
Read for 30 minutes and then bed by 9pm.


This needs to happen in order for me to wake everyday at 5am.  What?!  Yes.  Trust me, this is hurting me WAY more than it hurts you.  My children have finally reached the age that they do not wake us up.  They will let us sleep until 9am!  YES!  9-freakin' AM!

Well, it goes back to the basics.  If you have had a child, you know that they were better off on some kind of schedule.  You could vary it a bit depending on the circumstances and age, but really, they did better on a schedule.  That goes the same for all humans. 

I am blessed with a wonderful job that I work 3 days a week.  It also requires me to wake at 5am.  So to wake up one day at 5am, the next at 7am, back to 5am, then the weekend hits and I wake at 9am?  Is not working well.  So, the 5am wake time rules and therefore, I should wake at 5am consistently.

The idea is that I will take care of myself first.   Get up, exercise, get ready (in a calmer fashion than this morning when I woke up 20 minutes before school started), have a healthy breakfast.

You know- put the oxygen mask on yourself first?

The good news is although I did not wake up at 5am this morning, I DID exercise!

Also, I am still working on sitting up straight and applying lotion to my hands.  Phew- lots to work on.

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