Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sometimes in order to focus, you must unfocus first.

I have a thing about me.  I hate unfinished projects.  When the kids were younger and I stayed home full-time.  I would stay up until midnight finishing projects.  It wasn't a big deal because the boys were little and their first nap was at 10am.  Yup, I said first.  They slept for 1.5 in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.  Sigh... I still long for that schedule sometimes... Now, I work part-time and the boys do not nap. 

A task that I am not fond of is laundry.  The actual task does not bother me.  I used to do all my ironing while watching Sunday night t.v.  Now I spend my Sunday night sleeping for Monday morning.  So there is a pile of "to-do ironing".  There are 4 baskets of "to-do folding" and then 3 baskets of "look at me!  I'm dirty!"  THIS makes for a messy bedroom, hallway and ironing board in the bedroom that should be put away. 

I know that this is going to come as a shock for some of my friends, because I distinctly remember a bunch of girlfriends coming into my room at a party once, to see if I really folded my underwear.  I did!  THEN.  Now I am just grateful for the daily jackpot called, "clean and I can locate it with minimal light".  This is a hazard of getting dressed in the dark.

So back to the laundry.  I like to see a task completed and put away.  Not, thanks for hanging that picture- now why is there a hammer on the kitchen table finished.  Tools away, floors swept, ready for the Queen Of England to arrive. 

But as you smart people know-

laundry. is. never. really. done.  

So the other night as I was approaching my newly- (not going so well) bedtime, I had a HUGE pile of "to-put away", "to-hang" and "to-sort".  I wanted to cry a little. So I made a command decision.  I stood up and LEFT the laundry right where it was.  The amazing thing was, it was okay!  I spent 10 minutes putting it all away in the morning and gave the ironing to the hubby to do while he watched a movie.  Hooray for me!

So I learned that in order to focus on my newly arranged priorities.  I must un-focus on tasks that used to be higher on the list.  Sleep now trumps laundry.    Laundry can be left for the next day AND can be deligated.  Oooohhhhh-aaaahhhhh!

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