Friday, August 5, 2011

My dog ate my profit

I LOVE yard sales, GW (good will), consignment sales, outlets, clearance sales... are you starting to get the picture?   I can shop until I drop getting, baby gear, toys, clothes, etc.

The problem with this is that I no longer have babies that will fit in the above mentioned gear and I may get a few odd glances if I tried to carry my 56 pound boy in the great $3 sling I just found.

So now, if I find a great deal, I am going to snag it right up and pass it along to someone else.  I love getting great deals and giving them as well.  So here I go!

Day 1:  Spotted

Winter girl clothes.   The cutest TCP pink hat.

I imagined an excited Mom spotting it at the next local consignment sale and grabbing it with delight.  Excellent!  I came home, showed hubby my finds and laid them on the coffee table to get my camera.
When I returned, I noticed the hat on the floor.  Gasp!  A hole!  How did I miss that?!

Oh- I didn't.  The hole is wet.  The hole is from Daisy.

Pictured below is Daisy. When she was a puppy.  The way I need to remember her when she eats my profits.

SO. For today, my dog ate my profit.

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