Monday, August 8, 2011

I weigh what?!

Getting set up to sell on ebay has been a tiny bit fun and a whole lot of daunting.  The shipping scares me.  I know, "aw-it's easy".  I have bought and re-sold two children's worth of gear and clothes and I have managed to avoid ebay.  This was no small feat considering at one point I owned 4 strollers, but only had 2 children.

Thanks to the great shipping post by The Yard Sale Mommy. I am going to do this.  At least I think I am.  I feel like a 7 year old at the edge of the high dive.  We'll see when I actually get the courage to jump and list something.  I told hubby it was going to be Wednesday.  Hubby is anxious to get my new found hobby organized.  (More on that later)

I went to a bigbox office supply store this weekend to purchase my shipping scale and let out a "You want what?!"  $99 to be exact.  Um... no thank you.

Twice a week, I stop at GW (good will)  Today was one of my scheduled stops.  I heard a little boy say, "74 pounds".  I turned, looked down (insert angelic singing) A SCALE!  Oh- and not JUST a scale, a Health O Meter Professional scale.  I have learned (kind of) to stay calm until I see the price.  $3.98   (Yippie!)

I placed it back down and stepped on it to see if it worked.  The needle sped to _______! (yeah right, like I'm going to enter a number there)

I weigh WHAT?!?!

I quickly hopped off so that nobody could see and broke out into a little sweat.  I looked back down at the scale and saw that the needle needed adjusting.  Back to 0 and I tried it again.  Oh.  That's more like it.  I tested it out with various items in the store and it weighed light items just fine.  I'm not quiet sure why I did that, but I did.  Again, I'm scared of shipping, remember?

So, now I have a scale to calculate shipping.  Hopefully, I'll gather up the courage and jump.


  1. You are right, it looks very similar, but pretty!

  2. What is the product/model # for this scale?


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